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Join us in helping keep Kempton Park safe. Anyone over 18 years old, from our sector is welcome to join. The more eyes and ears we have, the less likely we are to become the target of criminals. Working together makes the job easier.

Most Recent Reported Crimes

In December 2018 our small sector experienced 7 Reported Crimes. These comprised Robbery,  House Robbery and Burglary Residential. Most concerning is that of the 7 reported incidents. 4 of these crimes involved a Fire Arm.


DateTimeCrimeWith/Without a FirearmEntry Method
01/12/1809:00Burglary ResidentialWITHOUTDOOR FORCED OPEN
07/12/1809:00House RobberyWITH
22/12/18No DataBurglary ResidentialWITHOUT
29/12/1819:00Burglary ResidentialNO DATADOOR FORCED OPEN


Unreported Crime Initiative

Help Us Help SAPS

There is evidence to suggest that many crimes go unreported in our area. Information received indicates that unreported crimes are largely comprised of petty theft. Garden equipment and small items left outside the house. Reasons supplied for not reporting the crime vary but mostly the reason is the perceived inconvenience of going to the police station and going through the process of reporting the crime and having little or no feedback from the police.

There are two consequences that arise from this. a) The criminals who perpetrate these crimes continue unabated. There is no reason for the police to even look for them, let alone apprehend and go through the process of getting them convicted. As a result these individuals continue on with their crime spree's, creating a revenue stream that relies on the theft of our 'bought and paid for, with money we worked hard to earn' belongings.

b) The police like any other government organization must account for themselves. One of the ways they do this is through utilizing statistics. As a result unreported crimes can go undetected from those who must justify budgets and can result in less support for areas that are perceived as low crime.

Help us help SAPS. Click the "Unreported Crimes" button below. Please bear in mind that this form does not replace the legal process of reporting a crime.

By filling in this form you are under no obligation to do anything you do not want to do. At the very least this information can be used to alert security companies, neighbourhood watch patrols and CPF  to be on the alert.

While reporting an unreported crime through this website in no way guarantees the return of your goods or wiping away the experience of having been a victim. It can yet still do some good by helping others be more aware.

Do You Know Someone Who was the Victim of Crime But Don't Know if They Reported it?

As neighbors we are occasionally in the position of hearing about someone having experienced a crime. Having a crime happen next door or close by is concerning, and as a concerned citizen you may hope that your neighbor has reported the crime and that the police are on the hunt for the criminals, but do not want to appear nosy by asking them.

Use the Did They Report It button below to alert us and we will try to find out and advise you, as to whether or not a crime has been reported in that area, as well as the appropriate steps to take when it has not been reported.

Appeal to Residents

Together we can make a difference!

Please volunteer your time or make a donation. With all of us putting in a few hours a month we can greatly assist SAPS as well as provide an effective deterrence for criminal activities.

Effectively helping to make out homes and neighbourhood a safer, cleaner place to live.

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