Block Watch

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Block Watch

Community participation makes combating crime possible.

As a community we are made up of many different races, cultures, languages and belief systems. The one thing that unites us all, is that no-one wants crime.

We all agree that the effect crime has on the environment can be devastating both in the short as well as the long term.  Yet unless we are organized, and have workable systems in place, the reality is that criminals will use this disorganization to their own benefit.

The problem is not insurmountable if it is approached on a small scale, as in the case of a block watch.

Here, adjoining neighbors agree amongst themselves to stay connected with each other via a Whatsapp group. In addition, they honestly assess their weak points and come up with solutions that both keep them out of harms way as well as assisting the police or security companies as to the location of a fleeing perpetrator.

Read - Real Life Situation Where Disorganization Worked in Favor of the Criminal.

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