Join the CPF Patrollers

No matter what anyone says, one of the biggest deterrents for criminals are people watching them.  Especially people who are connected to security forces such as Security Companies CPF and SAPS.

Criminals do not want to be seen by that kind of person. Yet that is exactly the kind of person a Patroler is. He or she, whether in a vehicle or on foot has an immediate link to the people authorized under law to detain and arrest them.

When CPF Patrols go out, they are linked via various technologies to armed forces. Forces that can arrive at a moments notice. Generally speaking, criminals wish to avoid this kind of person.

The longer the Patrol group is active, the smaller the window for crooks to skulk around looking for opportunities.

Here in Kempton Park we have more than one way for residents to contribute as eyes and ears.

If you wish to sign up and help close the gap that criminals use to operate in, fill in the form below.

Join the CPF Patrollers

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