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Distribute Neighborhood Watch Flyers to Your Neighbors and Help Bring Awareness

Thanks to the donations of residents in our sector as well as security companies, we have the ability to fund the printing of Neighborhood Watch flyers, alerting residents about the crime going on in our streets and registering an appeal for assistance.

We could use your assistance with the distribution of these flyers.

Delivering a flyer to each person on your blocks, mail box, at regular intervals would greatly assist with getting the word out and keep your neighbors informed.  To volunteer for this vital and very appreciated task please fill out the form below.

Responsibilities of a Flier Distributor

  1. To be on the flier distributor broadcast group.
  2. To respond within 3 days to requests for assistance.
  3. To collect from the designated location the number of fliers you will require. (If no one has been available to prepare your required quantity, you may need to count out the fliers yourself)
  4. To within 3 days of receipt personally deliver a flier to each house in your designated areas mail box.
  5. Having completed this task to send a whatsapp to to Flier In Charge advising that you have completed the task and informing him/her of anything you observed or discovered during that process.
  6. In the case of extra fliers please ensure that they are returned to the Flier In charge within 3 days, so that they can be distributed to other areas.

Responsibilities of a Flier In Charge

  1. To be available to organize and pack fliers when the need arises.
  2. To send out whatsapp broadcast messages to flier distributors alerting them that fliers are available for distribution.
  3. To monitor responses and restructure distributors in cases of a manpower shortfall.
  4. To ensure that the distribution network delivers a flier to each of the houses in your area.
  5. To count out and have available for collection fliers for each of your distributors.
  6. To be available to receive any extra fliers not handed out from distributors.
  7. To keep a record of who handed out what fliers on which date and to where. To then submit this information to the NBHW management member you received the fliers from.
  8. To keep fliers in a safe place until needed or alternatively to return them to the NBHW management member you collected them from.

Volunteer Signup Form - Flyer Distribution Sector 2.1

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