Start a Neighbourhood Watch in your Area

Start a Neighbourhood Watch in your Area

Benefits of Belonging to a Neighbourhood Watch.

  • Become part of an information sharing network.
  • The more information shared means one is better able to prepare against real threats instead of being overwhelmed by all threats.
  • Access to the authority's, both police and government, through the proper representatives.
  • Benefit from value added services provided by community minded Security companies.

Kempton park Ext 2.1 has had a neighbourhood watch for over 30 years.

Our community driven initiative has been of benefit to many of the residents in our area and we highly recommend that residents in other areas start their own Neighborhood Watch's.

In light of this strong commitment to law abiding communities, we undertake to act as a receipt point for Kempton Park residents and distributing this information once the figures grow past 10 to 15 people. (In other words we can put you in touch with one another)

Additionally we can advise you on who to speak to and where to go with regards the legalities involved in starting your own neighborhood watch.

To indicate your interest in joining forces with others in your area please fill in the form below.

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