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While there are a variety of laws regarding the legal obligation of reporting crimes the reality is that "not reporting" smaller crimes "is not a criminal offence".

But how does not reporting a crime impact on us as a community. In a nutshell it puts all of us at risk of experiencing a similar thing. When an area is perceived as easy, word gets out. Those who seek to profit from crime prefer easy targets.

As the neighborhood watch we respect your rights to handle your experience in the manner you see fit, at the same time we encourage using the systems set in place for us by the law, and most importantly we support the rule of law.

As such we will ask (in the form below) if there is anything we can do to assist or encourage you to go through the reporting process. Should you accept this assistance we (a member of the neighborhood watch) will contact you directly to begin this process. Please note that we can not report a crime for you.

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