Whatsapp Crime Group Rules and Regulations

Welcome to the NBHW CRIME Whatsapp Group.

As a new member please take the time to read the points below.

This group has two main purposes.

1) So that we as home owners and tenants can stay informed about criminal activities in our area, which then allows us to take those precautions we deem fit, in order to protect ourselves, our families and our possessions.

2) So that, those of us who possess the ability and willingness to assist in times of crisis are immediately made aware of situations and can quickly and effectively mobilize ourselves or the appropriate government department.

SAPS, EMPD, Emergency Assist SA, Community Police Forum, Security Companies, Neighbourhood Watch Patrollers and Residents of the area.

When a crime or emergency incident (eg a fire) is observed, the witness reports it via text or voice on the group. The nature of whatsapp is that it immediately goes to the top of everyone's whatsapp messages. At that stage it depends on who hears/sees that message first and what their normal response procedure is. In our area (Sector 2.1) our security companies tend to be the first people to respond, however depending on what time of day it is it could be a CPF Member or a NBHW Member.
While this is often the way incidents get responded to, please bear in mind that you are more than welcome to assess any situation that comes through on the whatsapp group and inform local authorities or security companies as you deem appropriate.

Through the years we have discovered that when left unchecked, non-crime related posts such as comments, advertising, pictures, jokes, messages of thanks and appreciation, or small children who play with the phone, have resulted in active members, meaning, the people who are both willing and able to assist on the scene at emergency situations, muting or leaving the group.
Obviously this defeats the purpose of the group and has resulted in a stricter approach to offenders whether it was intentional or not. Lack of manpower unfortunately means that we can not always contact each offender individually before they are removed.

When a crime occurs and is only discovered after the fact. eg a gate motor is stolen. Please report the incident through our website www.keepkemptonsafe.co.za. By reporting through the website we are able to keep your information confidential whilst still being able to alert residents to be on a higher alert. We also urge anyone who has experienced a crime to report it at the police station at their soonest convenience.

Please do not mention anything on this group that could jeopardise your or your neighbours safety and security. Eg mentioning that your frail elderly neighbour is home alone every day. Is not advisable.

The correct procedure for an actual crime in progress is to first contact your security company and SAPS and then inform the CRIME group (remember to keep sensitive information off the group). The SAPS emergency number is 10111. (Please use this number as it is a way for SAPS to keep records of incidents) Please bear in mind that Neighbourhood Watch members are not authorized to carry weapons of any kind and we request that members do not place themselves at risk during a crime in progress.

If you consider yourself someone who falls into the second category ( 2) ... those of us who possess the ability and willingness to assist in times of crisis ...) then we urge you to contact us and become a member of the Patrol Sector.

Even if you are not able to join the patrollers there is always a place for people who want to help a bit more, EG, Radio Controllers to respond to Patrollers and alert authorities as and when needed, Snack donations for the patrollers who drive around our mostly quiet streets late at night, or in fact anything you can think of that would make us working together as a community easier or more enjoyable.

There is a Neighbourhood Watch Meeting every 3 months at the Gereformeerde Kerk at 49 Hugget Street (Its the church next to that little park on the corner of Hugget and Highveld). We encourage all residents in the area to attend those meetings.

Thank You for taking the time to read this.

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